About Ralph's Diner

Ralph's Diner is an institution in Worcester. If you go out only once in your life for Worcester nightlife, Ralph's should be your destination. It attracts a lively and eclectic crowd, serves great burgers and hosts a variety of live musicians.

Home to some of Worcester's greatest characters and most happening events, Ralph's has grown to iconoclastic stature in the past 25 years. Some would say Ralph's is notorious�infamous...ludicrous. But always a good time. It's rich history of music, revelry and general mayhem has been known to frighten the faint of heart. But these days, with new ownership and a warmer vibe, all feel welcome to enjoy the hip music and good food.

Where else can you pose with your friends in the photobooth, drink your favorite cocktail, have a fantastic burger, see a great band, play pool, and dance till 2 am. All in the confines of a an authentic worcester streetcar diner. Ralph's actually consists of not only the diner, but also a sizable club upstairs and down in an historical brick firehouse. Walls are covered in artwork that will make you look twice. It's a vision to behold even if you just find a little nook to chill and chat with friends for the night.

If you're looking for good music and good eats, cool atmosphere or just a game of pool, this is the place.

Open Tues. through Sat. from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.

From eWorcester (Ralph's was Winner of e-Award 2002) ...
"Definitely the ultimate retro-nouveau-avant-garde-art-deco place in Worcester. It's a unique cultural icon of the city with thick juicy burgers, cheap beer and on-the-edge entertainment."

From The Pheonix ...
"This old Worcester dining car is attached to an old brick warehouse which has hosted over 20 years of live music, including appearances by the likes of Husker Du, Living Colour, and the Amazing Crowns. [...] with better-than-average diner fare offered the rest of the day and late into the night."

"Every once in a while my sugar daddie take me out for a nice meal at Ralphs diner. I always make sure to pay him back for such a great dinner with some one-on-one attention afterwards!"